Wednesday, August 1, 2012

corporate fundraiser event

booklet-style corporate invitation to benefit the adult & senior center of saratoga, in saratoga springs, new york. a sixties-mod inspired design to promote their theme of music, models and mingling- event includes fashion shows, cocktails & appetizers, and prizes.




reply card

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

bar mitzvah

gray and navy monogram pocketfold invitation- 3 parts plus notecard. includes double-layer banded seal and postage stamp design.

rehearsal dinner

a square 2-part invitation for a wedding rehearsal dinner

peapod baby shower

a peapod design originally created a few years ago, reworked in brown and cream with scalloped double-layer invitation backing, insert card and textured envelope seal.

30th birthday

a fun 30th birthday invitation, double-layer with metallic die cut backing, with envelope seal

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

90th Birthday

This one is a special one.. it was created for my WONDERFUL Grandmother's 90th birthday party.

However, if you know my grandmother, the overall look of this invitation is misleading. It implies a classy, subdued affair, calmly reflecting on this long and happy journey through life so far with a large and loving family. In reality, the large and loving family part is correct, there were over 100 people who adore her in attendance, but this 90th birthday party was more wild than my 30th, and probably louder and more insane than most 21st birthday celebrations. The amount of booze and food consumed was shocking. And hangover-inducing.

My little Grandmother... this amazing woman cooks fabulous dinners for her children and grandchildren as much as several times a week, still sends her college-age (and also her much older, and married) grandchildren care packages, dogsits, babysits, does landscaping and yard work, has the ability to plant dead sticks only to see them blossom and thrive, helps out with church and charity organizations which benefit people younger than she is, makes pierogis and the best pie crust you've ever had from scratch, among a million other things.

She can also, as it happens, drink you under the table. Many a fool have tried to keep up, and many a fool have fallen. Her beverage of choice is shots of LTD. So raise a glass to her. And stop making that face, it's not that bad. And no chaser!

'Never Slow Down, Never Grow Old'. Ain't that the truth.

single-layer blue vintage invitation


invitation with printed envelope flap

my adorable grandmother

Bridal Shower

This one I love... the clean look and colors make me happy. It was created for a 'green' bridal shower, so I used 100% cotton and recycled papers- the kraft paper used as the backing is a favorite for the 'natural' look, as well as the textured paper and envelope... I thought the dandelion image and ombre color effect worked well for an organic, but fresh and festive invitation.

double-layer dandelion ombre invite with kraft backing

dandelion ombre detail

invite with envelope